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We design and build safe, community centered playgrounds and recreational spaces. Our playgrounds are situated wherever the need for recreational activities in a rural or underprivileged community is identified; this can be a community park, orphanage, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp or even a school. 

We always work with local artisans and offer training for young men and women to become professional’s playground developers with the added benefit of job and wealth creation. 

We never charge anyone to use our playgrounds and always involve the community (especially the kids!) in our projects so that our facilities become a community asset that both children and adults desire to preserve and maintain.

Join Us

You can get involved in any of the following ways: 


  • Volunteer – There are several ways to contribute your time to Aloe & Ivy. You can choose to help out with building and designing playgrounds, identifying locations where safe playgrounds and recreational facilities are needed or our favourite; taking a little time out to supervise playtime at any of our playgrounds close to you. 


  • Donor – You can make a financial contribution towards our next project or even better, you can organise a fund-raising drive to build a safe play space or other recreational facility in your community. We can send you tools to get started and tips to make it fun.


  • Expert Donor – We are always looking for teachers, dentists, pediatricians, psychiatrists and other childcare experts who are willing to donate their services so we can offer added benefits to the children we cater to. Professional playground designers, landscapers or anyone with skills the kids can learn are also encouraged to donate their time and services.